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I’ve known Hamish for years and I’ve always admired his wonderfully eclectic style and his depth of knowledge regarding all things fashion, interior, gardening, etc.   What I love about his instagram is the diversity. He’s one of the few people I love to live vicariously through his travels. Basically anything that involves good taste Hamish is your go to guy. If you’
As you will have gathered, here on KOS we have no interest in summer clothing whatsoever. If you are looking for cut off shorts and skimpy tops, move along now, there is nothing to see here. If on the other...
As Queen Marie will tell you, I've been on a mad hunt for bangles. I have been digging about my old jewellery box and decided I wanted an armful of stacked silver bangles to add interest to my simpler outfits....
ASH, you are killing me with these black studded beauties. Nailed it again. QM
As you know, it was 5th ballet exam yesterday. On the run up to the exam I didn't feel I was ready. There were so many things I was still getting corrections on in rehearsal classes and loads of exercises...
I had a great time the other day shooting New York artist Curtis Kulig of “Love me” fame. He’s the latest contributor to Faces by The Sartorialist!   Discover his exclusive art series inspired by eyewear below.   Click here to see the video on Faces by The Sartorialist

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