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The Scientist: Philip M. Tierno, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University School of Medicine The Answer: In a word, yes. In three words: yes, yes, yes. Women are unique in the underpants-buying-market in that they sometimes try on underwear before buying it. And, that means that the underwear you buy might have been previously tried on by somebody else. No store
So, my style slump rumbles on but at least now it's black and white, instead of just black. In a week where I tried denim overalls, which bestowed upon me the look of a pregnant hillbilly, followed by white jeans,...
We'll be the first to agree that walking around the city in the blazing heat can be a total drag. Still, we've got to shop. And, we're not going to settle for mass-produced merch when NYC offers up unique wares you can't get anywhere else. That's when e-commerce comes in handy. Yes, you can still support local businesses without dealing with the overheated tourists, melting Mr. Frostee cones, and
So YSL Let's just say the 'L' is not for likeable. This was not an easy film to watch - in both content and the actual phyis On itunes the film, which is in french is sold without subtitles. I...
The natural-hair movement has been in full-force these past couple of years among the African-American community. Embracing your god-given texture and saying goodbye to the chemically straightened tresses of relaxed hair is becoming more and more the norm. But, for some, the transition is easier said than done. Such was the case for Mad Men star Teyonah Parris. While embarking on her natural-h
If it's the weekend and you're talking breakfast, let's be honest, with me it's more likely to be a late lunch! But breakfast means something else entirely to Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna. In 2010 they created ' Come for...
Photo: Courtesy of Beauty is Boring.I have a skincare obsession and lucky me, I get the chance to experiment not just on myself but on models, actresses, and friends. As a result, I have a pretty comprehensive skincare arsenal. These are some of the tried and true products I use daily, on myself and/or on set:Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is the reason I don’t look like a zombie afte

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