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So Budapest. Beautiful City. But boy is it big! Reading about a place and actually being there are always a mile apart. While Oor Frances was looking forward to the Christmas markets, what I was longing to see were the...
McNally Jackson has a great little trifecta of stores in Soho, and they’re all pretty great in terms of gift giving. The main hub is McNally Jackson Books on Prince St., but the shot above is from their very charming Goods for the Study Store right around the corner at 234 Mulberry St. Very sweet and thoughtful little trinkets and study supplies you aren’t bound to find at too many ot
Until I manage to get the shots off of my camera and phone, my Budapest post will have to wait until Saturday I'm afraid So instead, today I shall talk about painted ladies... ( Reflections on Beauty) My mother and...
I love that she has a cookie but is still eyeing the lollipops .
The decoration of choice for an ensemble throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: The French Ribbon (newly out this fall), catalogues ribbons produced out of Saint-Etienne, a town once considered to be the world capital of ribbons and ribbon production.   These small strips of fabric added such vibrancy and distinction to their wearers clothing. Although most of todays fashionab
In the past 3 or 4 months I have bought 4 Yumiko leotards, 2 of which I've had to sell on eBay because they were just horrible on a normal body like mine. Too many ballet brands are simply not...

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